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Their views are neglected in decisions on education, employment and crime. The most extreme response has come in Turkmenistan, where the government has introduced an education system designed to produce a generation of automatons who know nothing but state propaganda. Ideology also dominates education in Uzbekistan, and critical thinking is discouraged. Quality bilingual education is essential to promote integration of ethnic minorities and access to political and economic power. Greater efforts to reduce obstacles to business development and the economic exploitation of young people are needed, particularly in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

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Efforts by Central Asian governments to eradicate religious extremism through heavy-handed security policies have failed, and there is a danger that state restrictions on religious expression will only increase the attractiveness of underground and fringe movements. Governments should adopt a policy of greater openness by allowing wider and better Islamic education and should also improve knowledge of Islam among religious and government officials. Governments must recognise the extent of drug consumption and allow an open discussion on the issue, include parents in the debate and promote needle exchange and methadone use.

Given the contribution migrants make to the GDP of most Central Asian states, it would be only fair that governments enhance their protection through risk awareness campaigns and provide better support in Kazakhstan and Russia via diplomatic representations and cooperation with NGOs. Donors have too often been happy to propose quick fixes such as school reconstruction and new computers without the necessary follow-up and conditioning of aid to changes in teaching standards, real access to decision-making for youth, a greater will to fight discrimination and introduction of open discourse on religion.

Considerable financial and political commitments are needed to improve the situation of young people, but the pay-off in future stability would be in the interests not just of Central Asia, but of the international community as well. Sayfullo Saipov left his native Uzbekistan seven years ago and U.

What do we know about the Uzbek links of the New York attacker? Sayfullo Saipov left Uzbekistan in , aged 21 or 22, and entered the U. We cannot say with certainty yet when he was radicalised, but both U. There is no evidence of any connection to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a jihadist group that has operated for much of the last fifteen years in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mirrakhmat Muminov, an ethnic Uzbek religious activist, blogger and human rights activist based in Ohio, told Crisis Group on 1 November that he met Saipov, who is from the Uzbek capital Tashkent, in Like the U.

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ISIS — unlike, for example, al-Qaeda — has been able to create compelling recruitment material and propaganda for the post-Soviet space in not only Russian but local languages. It has attracted a broad range of people from Central Asia from teenage girls following their boyfriends who were recruited in Russia to one high-ranking U. Uzbek citizens form the largest contingent of Central Asians in Iraq and Syria though Uzbekistan also has the largest population in the region. Saipov joins two other Uzbek citizens who are known to be responsible for ISIS-linked terror attacks.

Turkish authorities also say citizens of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were among those responsible for the attack on Istanbul airport in June , and an ethnic Uzbek originally from Kyrgyzstan carried out an attack on the St.

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Petersburg metro in April An Uzbek in the U. In the case of Akilov, the Uzbek government says they warned European security services about him.

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Radicalisation, however, does not always happen in the country of origin. Saipov, like the Boston Marathon bombers in who were ethnic Chechens originally from Kyrgyzstan , appears to have been radicalised in the U. Addressing the accessibility of such materials in a manner that respects the right to free expression has been and will remain a significant challenge for Western governments.

What is likely to happen next in the Saipov case, and what could be done to prevent a recurrence? The Uzbek authorities say they will cooperate with the U. This likely will involve rounding up family and acquaintances still in Uzbekistan for questioning. Although the new Uzbek president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, appears committed to reform, Uzbek security services are notorious for their use of torture. With respect to criminal process inside the U. Those in the U. That he appears to have been radicalised in the U. Yet to restrict immigration in arbitrary fashion would be to misdiagnose the problem, turning foreigners into scapegoats.

In particular, Crisis Group in the past has called into question the U. Are there any implications in terms of U.

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The country has also been the recipient of U. It is not clear that the attack in and of itself will lead to refocused U. That said, and independently of the attack, there is good reason for the U. Winner - Voli. I highly recommend this designer. The t-shirt design for my MMA website was even beyond what I ever expected. Very easy to work with and extremely talented. I hope to work with this designer again in the future. Winner - ferBow How YouthInAsiaClothing started their t-shirt journey What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the t-shirt? Animals real or mythical welcomed Google Crests and go to images.

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