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This weekend, Susan will be meeting Rowan in-house designer Martin Storey at a retreat being held for their Flagship Retailers - another perk of joining this very special group! Stay tuned for photos and an update from this exciting event.

This brand-new yarn is made from recycled denim and cotton fibers and comes in a palette of 9 tweedy shades. We have copies in the store and can help you pick out the perfect pattern for your next day at the beach! Each pattern is knit with Denim Revive yarn; here are just a few of our favorites: Oceana is a gorgeously cabled sweater coat with drop sleeves and plenty of positive ease for a stylishly comfortable fit. Bondi , a comfy cardi with plenty of positive ease that you can throw on over your swimwear, workout gear, or street clothes.

This unisex hooded pullover features an optional Fishbone motif on the front, hence the pattern name! The fish motifs at the bottom of Sunfish add a touch of whimsy to this seamed dolman-sleeved pullover. Accessorize with Wavelry , a seamlessly-knit cowl featuring an all-over cabled pattern. Thanks for the how-to pics! No offense taken! Keep doing it. Try checking out Hand Crochet! I go over that in the next post, but basically you can take the stitches off your arm and put them on to some sort of holder. I find a old paper towel roll works really well.

When you are ready to start again, make sure the knit side is facing you and the working yarn ends up at your hand. Then, just start knitting again!!

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Is it tighter because you used three skiens? Hi Rylee, Thanks for asking. Yes, making the yarn bulkier goes a long way to making it tighter. If you think about your arm as a needle, the yarn has to be pretty thick to make a full stitch. Read through other comments for ways to keep the knitting itself tighter. May I ask how many bunchs of yan will I need for one muffler? So I need quite exact amount for international shipping. Hi Jamie, Thanks so much for your comment!

If you buy that yarn, you will need 3 skeins of it. Good luck and have fun!!

Wool Week Cowls

HI Lindsey, I generally find it takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour to make the cowl from start to finish. Have fun! I have found this quite a fun tutorial but am using the bulky yarn I have on hand. Is there a good way to connect more strands to finish the cowl? Even though this leaves a knot, it is amidst three other lengths of yarn and is hidden pretty well.

I provided a link to the knot in the comments above. I just knit my first cowl, had a lil error due to a distraction but I think I can fix it. It was really easy. Each time you do it, it gets faster and easier and tighter. I am vacationing in FL for the month of December. My 15 year old niece and her friend are coming to visit and I figured this would be a way to enjoy a little quiet activity time, but fun and a wonderful introduction to knitting which I learned from my great grandmother. What do you think?

Free Knitting Patterns

Am I taking on too much? I think it would be a great way to entertain your niece and her friend! It is a good introduction to knitting, for sure! Have fun!! I love this! My daughter is asking me to make one for her. How many do you think to chain for an 8byr old.? I would bring it down to 8 stitches for an 8 year old. You could always shorten it to one loop, also. Thank you so much for your arm knitting tutorial. This is such a great help to beginners like myself.

How to knit a snood

I love the clear pictures as they are easy to understand and they are much easier for me to follow than a video I have to pause when I get stuck. I like to study the pictures as I am a visual learner. I have shared this with all of my friends who want to arm knit! Thank you so much for this!!! I have watched video upon video to learn this. This is going to be so much help.

I can not wait to start my scarf! How do I choose the correct yarn for this cowl?

Esther Hartley is Knitting with Rowan Yarns

Which part of the info indicates the suitability of the yarn? Also, if the yarn is insufficient in length for completing the scarf, how do I join the new ball of yarn to existing piece of work? HI Jerrica, Hi! I have a very detailed instructional video on Creativebug www. I talk about yarn selection in detail. The 9 stitches you describe above is the number of stitches you would get over 4 inches of traditional knitting — this is equivalent 2.

To make a nice arm knit cowl out of three strands of yarn, you want a range of 2. The bigger the number of stitches to an inch, the lighter the weight of the yarn. The smaller the number of stitches to an inch, the heavier the yarn. The length for a cowl that wraps around twice, made of 10 stitches across, is about 85 yards. If you are using shorter length yarn, you can just knot the ends together as you come to the end. I suggest a sliding knot to attach the two ends. Hopefully this helps! Loved your tutorial! I also enjoyed the easy to read layout and pictures.

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Thanks, and hope you have a wonderul new year! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Have fun arm knitting!! I loved making this. Have made two of them, but cannot remember without coming to the computer. Do you have written directions with pictures a person could take with them for travel, etc? Barbara rrpmexpres aol. I do have a PDF you can travel with.

Happy travels and arm knitting! Hi, Thanks for this DYS, craft, something new to try. I love to knit and know this will be enjoyable! Looking forward to more tutorials from you. Hi Priscilla, You can — but I would split the skein up into three equal parts and then knit with the three parts. If you do split the skein, I would cast on fewer stitches so you get a full cowl.

The tutorial looks really easy to follow.

Knitting Pattern Library | Brooklyn Tweed

How can I get this pattern? Hi Roszeta, Definitely! You can do it! It is much easier to pick up that traditional knitting — less to fuss with. I also have book out right side bar that provides lots of helpful hints, photos and tricks!

Um, no offense or anything but I didnt really quite get your method. I mean, you should add lots of pics instead of words. I know one of you will tell me to watch youtube instead which is a pretty good choice but considering the facts that some people cant watch youtube due to weak signal, I came unto this website. I appreciate the crafts and also this website, I just feel that the way you explain isnt satisfying is all.