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Often, he or she will accept gladly, as many people in Indonesia are too poor to own a camera and don't have any pictures of themselves. I think you wrong about this almost all Indonesian have Phone Camera , N o matter children, Old man, Rich, Poor peoples , must have atleast 1 phone camera in their pocker , But average or mostly Indonesian peoples today have are Android phone. One should read this article as a " general " thing, since most of the population 80 percent are living on Java. Bali is not compairable, since used to turists and their habits, they used drunks, and women in short, mini, etc, since its a " usual " thing for turists do to, bar hopping, eating out, on the beach, there is also a big difference in culture on Bali then on Java, which is considering the main island, since Hinduisme is a percent different approach then Islam, do not forget that.

Living here 20 plus years now i learned a lot, be polite in all kind of situations is smart, dont use your big mouth, it will make things only more difficult. Indonesian are smart people, and stick to their customs, and if y friendly they also friendly, if y polite, they also, as it should be wordwide sadly.

Like every visitor to a foreign country you should prepare youself a bit by reading about it, then adjust as any guest to the situation and you will not have any problem. Nightlife is like in every other place, fun, nice, but could also be dangerous. Technology is going fast also in Indonesia, yes, almost every person now a days has a smartphone and access to the internet. Indonesian is one of the only countries, i believe, correct me if i am wrong, where y just buy a sim card which y fill with an amount of money, and from there y can buy yourself access to the Internet, up to 4G, special package for whatsup, FB , so every kid, dont know if thats good, but anyway, basicly has a smartphone, and yes, also a camara automatically.

Its most of the time just the Chinese phones, they work, look nice, cheap, but not much quality.

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Stay away from any forbidden drug, it will costs you, make sure your immigration papers are in order, it will costs y all dear from years in jail not european or us standard to the death penalty. Also there is a very strong IT law, which can be used in many way creatively for lawenforcement.

Democracy is not the same as Indonesian Democracy, there are limits, and internet , FB, Twitter are monitored sometimes, where not lol and if you obvious insult someone, they can take you to court, and yes to jail or a heavy penalty, so be carefull what you write if making comments, or about thinks you dont understand. Life is still cheap, but its getting expensive, as with every country which is growing at 5 to 6 percent GDP, cheap used to be cheap, still a foreigner is considered rich, and hagling is an art, and needed.

Taxi drivers will drive you " around " the city for an hour, if your distance is only 15 minutes, so there are many tricks. Bars, Cafes, restaurants, there are thousands of them, and nigh life in Jakarta is a very nice experience, every food you want is available agains a price, there are hundreds of Malls and markets.

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Jakarta has 12 millon residents, the traffic is horrible, there is light in the tunnel, since the Metro is coming and some lines will be ready, there will be a new rail system 20 meters above ground level for commuters, but its getting worst before its getting good, patience is the name of the game, plan your traveling, and keep in mind, it all takes time Bali is more western oriented, and used to toerist and to their money. In jakarta or in the villages tips are not requested, and they will be very gratefull for a couple of pennies, in Bali a simple suitcase carrier in a 4 star hotel speaks english, and will not leave your room after you have giving him a reasonable tip.

Overal Balinese people are a bit different then Jakartans, in Jakarta its always hurry, traffic is terrible, Bali is more relaxed a different religion, more used to western ideas, customs. Try to avoid this cities: 1. Poso, the land of terorists 2. Jakarta, polluted and inconvenient city to stay, traffic jam, criminals, place of some radical terrorists 4. Makassar, land of strikes and turnmoil 5. Border of Papua New Guinea, land of kidnappers 6. Partly of Solo and Serang, West Java, some of syria and afghan alumni warlord is still living there and ready to make explosive bomb 7.

Aceh, not suitable for visitors who want to have a nightlife, zero tolerance for non-Moslems. Great article! Helpful and would love to learn more.

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Born in Jakarta and planning to move back very shortly Kebudayaan is something we all need to have. Laws in Indonesia are very strict regarding drugs, and terrorizing an innocent soul is something to avoid while visiting.. Dear Indonesian Gov: please change the laws for the sake of Bali 9, one of the example. The traffic is always jammed. Especially near election day or around holidays Merdeka and I remember the last time I was there it was chaos Amazed that Garuda Indonesia airlines still have the same logo as and hope they'll have straight flight to Canada, US at some point of time 4.

Indonesia needs a leader protecting human rights, know how to conduct business worldwide, stabilize the economy and health. Most importantly, a leader that knows how to conduct international trades!

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What would I do to see that again on the news? So many things written in this article are incorrect. Like the previous poster mention about the neighbouring province of aceh and north sumatra.

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  • Most of the "customs" mentioned by the writer are applicable to peoples in central java and jogjakarta region. In other regions, being sort of rude by general javanese standard not ignorant though and talk loudly are considered the norm there. Like on the lands of Sumatra or Borneo. It is kinda hard to explain really. A native javanese could feel lost in the other island s like sulawesi or even neighboring sumatra For caucasians, well you already look different enough, don't make yourself stand out more by behaving 'weirdly'.

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    Most people, even in the villages are quite forgiving if you somehow perceived as rude to them. Different thing could apply to other asians esp se asian and east asian In general, just try to be yourself. Smile and greet when you meet people, or trying to ask something. Try to be the polite version of yourself and sometimes, dont be afraid to act 'tough' when you are hard pressed by local thugs.

    I hope my english is understandable enough Sincerely, an indonesian native. Oh and also, please listen to what gunadharma said. Try not to go to 'un-touristy' places - there are reasons why even indonesian tourist don't visit the place. Could be poor access, ie dangerous road, lack of proper transportation, etc. Or the general lack of hospitality of locals in that area for example the tendency to rob literally and not so literally tourist.

    Low criminal rate is not what indonesia is known for. But the general attitude of the locals in those area are preventing tourist expansions.

    Going to a trip to Indonesia. The article is interesting. Thanks for the tips. Franklin Cobos shares his incredible life-altering journey from serving as an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at a Nebraska hospital to teaching and providing anesthe Clearly this doctor is not a professional writer but he does a very commendable job with this memoir, and it does a service of sharing his experience, which really is fascinating, and also gives insight on life in Chad An old-fashioned and enjoyable but essentially, run-of-the-mill mystery is here formatted by Aeter This story was sweet, cute.

    I feel like it could have benefitted from a good, ruthless editor.

    Indonesia Etiquette: How You Can Avoid Causing Offence

    Do we Nonexciting Free Pdf Books Index. Home DMCA. Franklin V.