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Andrews in Scotland. This is, in many ways, a spirituality of baking, even if it is mostly structured around meditations upon and guidance in the classic spiritual disciplines. An appendix includes information about gluten free breads, as well as suggested readings and artwork for contemplation — from suggested icons to paintings from artists as diverse as Rembrandt, He Qi, Marc Chagall and Mako Fujimura.

This is a great book. Olive Kitteridge , a connecting set of stories that came out in , and subsequently won the Pulitzer Prize, was one of the most popular novels around a few years back. This new one, My Name is Lucy Barton , will surely be one of the most discussed novels of It is said to be a profound exploration of the mother-daughter bond which begins when a woman in the hospital is visited by her estranged mother.

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SIgnificant things from the past come up, tender things are poignantly drawn, and her great gift of portraying redemption within the ordinary will surely make this an acclaimed novel, one of the most eagerly awaited of the year. This is going to be an amazing book by a really important writer! Kristen Johnson with a PhD from St. She is known as a wise guide, passionate about the interface of theological formation, spiritual growth, cultural engagement and social action, and vocational discernment.

Many books on justice have appeared in recent years. Three things make this one stand out from the crowd. First, instead of quoting only a few golden nuggets from Scripture, the authors trace the theme of justice throughout Scripture.

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Second, they give concreteness to their discussion with harrowing true-life stories of present day sex trafficking and slavery. And third, they explicitly address the need of those who struggle for justice, patience, lament and hope. An important contribution. The Justice Calling takes us deep into all these gifts. Wallis has over the years come to know many black leaders and has submitted himself to some of the best former leaders and students of the old civil rights movement, as well as many of the rising young activists in the post-Ferguson years.

Coming soon! But there are many reasons why you should pre-order this right away, and get ready to read it when it comes out. Yes, I will admit, we have a personal connection to this author and some of his story, so we sincerely want to get a buzz going on this; a few good book clubs and adult classes using it would generate word-of-mouth interest.

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I might have even sold him some of the books cited in this new book. His experience of being a young black man within a largely white and rural evangelical denominational culture the Brethren in Christ and as a student in a largely white, mainline Protestant seminary, has given him an array of insights and a unique angle of vision. HIs Anabaptist influences are evident as well, making this a strong, interesting, important paperback. Drew Hart is a rising voice you need to know. Hart challenges white and black Christians about their assumptions and practices, in ways that are compelling and interesting.

He tells much of his own story, here, and it is a book I highly, highly recommend. Kudos to Herald Press, props to Drew. This book is a gift from the heart of one of the sharpest young theologians in the United States. Hold it carefully, and allow it to transform you — and our blood-stained streets. Dark writes like a manic prophet at times, creative in thought and word, living righteously in word and deed.

This passionate book is, I gather, a hip and thoughtful guide to faith for smart seekers and skeptics. He wrote it for just such thoughtful seekers. Maybe you know somebody you can give it to? You really ought to pre-order it, so you have is promptly! Lewis Chris R. This one is going to be fantastic! Lewis himself read, realizing the significance of the previous centuries which in which Lewis famously immersed himself. How cool is that? If all you know about Lewis is that he was super smart and a bit dusty, well, this will help you get the fuller picture of his own loves and influences.

If you are a church leader wondering how the contemporary issues of the modern world might ever be explored with depth and deep wisdom, this will help too. He also serves as a senior editor of the on-line Patheos faith and work channel. You will find a passionate believe who is courteous and careful, impeccable in his evangelical faith and eager to be Christ-like and Biblical in his social ethics and political advocacy.

Ben even ran for office a few years ago, and wrote a fine, fine book about enduring in faith and patience even while attempting to make a difference in the world. I love him! In this forthcoming book, the two leaders — one now in retirement, one truly rising in prominence — chat about what changes await their beloved evangelical tradition, and how gospel-centered ministry is changing in the new era we find ourselves in.

From marriage, homosexuality, creation-care, politics and more, these gentlemen not only highlight difference between them, but develop insight that is useful for any church or para-church ministry, eager to be the church always reforming, but equally committed to fidelity to the ancient truths handed down.


What a edifying and worthwhile time you will have listening in on this wide-ranging conversation! More, what an important model we see here as they cultivate an intentional, charitable, and much-needed intergenerational dialogue. Pre-order this today, but please: consider ordering more than one. This forthcoming book will officially be launched nation-wide at the Q Commons events in March. You can pre-order it now, and I hope you do. The last book they did together is still commonly cited as it explored the research done by the Barna Group on how young outsiders to the church think about the faith.

That was, of course, called Unchristian and remains a best seller. Both are really, really good. It is fabulous that they are teaming up again, writing new stuff out of their years of experience helping others imagine and take next steps to live out faith in relevant and winsome and effective ways.

Agree or not with every detail, you simply must be aware of their work, and you will delight in reading any of their impressive books. Can we both challenge the direction of culture and still be clear we are committed to serving the common good?

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Can we learn to understand the heart behind opposing view and learn how to stay friends with others, despite differences? Can we hold with confidence our religious convictions without being toxic or alienating to others? This is going to help us love others, care for the culture, deepen our desires to help renew and restore the brokenness around us and honor God in gracious and effective ways.

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May it be widely read, and widely discussed. Pre-order it today! Create vs. But, yet, good as many are, I suspect something less then substantive about some of them. What I mean to say is that he is a extraordinary thinker, an important leader, a fine writer, and he has earned the right to be listened to, to be heard; you should consider reading anything he does!

If this forthcoming one offers some background insight about how he does his thing — wow! I trust him, and we should be rejoicing for any assistance he can give us, especially about how to enhance our imagination. Copy :. This short, punchy book blends theology, history, and cultural observation to lead you toward a healthy, confident, more innovative life mindset.

It celebrates the good news of your God-given capacity to create and help you harness it to take charge of your life, navigating changing times, and, ultimately, flourish and succeed. This will be a book of beauty, grace, and energy,and sounds like it will be very useful to many, from ordinary readers to professional artists and designers, and especially to leaders of organizations, ministries, and nonprofits.

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She is one of the best. A longing for beauty is inherent to being human. Novelist Brett Lott writes,. Luci Shaw is a treasure, and Thumbprints in the Clay shows us again precisely why: this book is wise beyond measure, the writing beautiful beyond compare, and its heart a reflection of the one true God… This is a beautiful, ruminative and necessary book. Really, we can get almost anything! Almost any book that is coming out in the next few months would work; we can promise to send it to your recipient or directly to you, if you prefer whenever it does release.

We can enclose a note saying it is from you, and even gift wrap for free, too, if you want. Nice, eh?

May we suggest that you pre-order now at least one of these three forthcoming titles? They are excellent choices for any serious reader of non-fiction. Merry Christmas and ho, ho, ho. His remarkably interesting and very important books Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation and Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works have been considered to be truly ground-breaking, and widely read across the denominational spectrum.

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Minds and Hearts! We desire and love and care and serve. Those books explore deep and wise visions of spiritual imagination and how worship, among other things, effects our human flourishing and the tone of our discipleship. These two fabulously rich books will be, a year or so from now, supplemented with a crowning third volume, tentatively called Embodying the Kingdom. I suspect the third will be a little scholarly, too, once it is done.