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I wonder if she will come, too. I wonder if this is all right. I wonde r whose bag this is. Used negative with O-kane wa kanarazusnimo hitsuyo dewa nai. Money is not always necessary. I t w i l l not necessarily go well. The teacher is not always right. A f t e r noun expressing point in time when something begins Natsu yasumi wa snichi gatsu hatsuka kara desu.

School begins at eight thirty. That store is open from 10 a. I came from Tokyo to Kyoto by shinkansen. She got angry and went out of the room. Jap ane se sak e is mad e fro m rice. I t ' s better to take an umbrella with you because it's going to rain. I'll do it, so ple ase tak ea rest. I don 't buy it bec aus e it is exp ens ive.

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I t is because I caught cold that I was absent. Please teach me how to write kana. I don't know how to study Japanes e. Please teach mc how to operate the computer. He is working hard to make up for having wasted money. B u t he didn't. Fm a little too busy now so I can't help you. H e i s earnest, but not interesting.

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I shall never forget you. This problem is by no means difficult. Tnis is the camera that I bought yesterday. Have you ever seen this? I ' l l work hard from now on. This is Ms. This is my house. Give me these shoes. Til take these shoes. I not you should be expres sing thanks. I know things of her well. I know her well. Seeing is believing.

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It is necessary for you to get enough rest. That prices are high in Japan is well known. Please tell him what I've said. Did you know that Sachiko has gone to Europe? Don't enter the premises. Do you have occasion to talk with that person? There are occasions when I don't eat a meal. I cannot write many Chinese characters. I was able to make a plane reservation. C a n you keep from letting out a secret?

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He is due to arrive here at nine. Watashi tachi wa toshokan de au koto ni natte imasu. We are to meet at the library. I'v e dec ide d not to was te mo ney. Please give me this jacket and these slacks- IM1 2.

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Plea se don' t leav e yet. I bought about ten Japanese language books. O n e must study at least one hour every day.

Nobody can play tennis as well as you. It is so cold today that I c a n ' t endure it.

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It is colder than I can endure today. I am tired to the extent that I can't walk a n y more. I am too tired to walk a n y more. The first person is never the subject. Kudcisaru may be substitued with persons of higher status or to whom the speaker wishes to show respect. She gave me a nice present for my birthday. Did he give you a call?

She prepared a delicious dish for m e. The teacher teaches me Japanese respectfull y. Is your father still youn g? She has not arrive d here yet. I have to finish this work by the end of this week. L e t ' s be prepared by the time she comes. It is five minutes to three o'clock. I came to Japan half a year ago. Mike went home five minutes before Paul came. I usually drink some cocoa before I go to bed. The train had left before we arrived. There is a nice hotel in front of the lake. Let's stop talking about it in front of her.

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Who was the former Prime Minister? Who was t h e teacher prior to Mr. I went swimming last Saturday. That matter is written about on the previous page. The restroom is in the front car of the train.

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He talks as if he knows nothing at all. It sounds as though 3. I don't understand the meaning of the sentence at all. The progressive form with masu expresses continuing actions or states.