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Oh and it just happens to be male-male. Stella, the heroine, is an econometrician. The reason why is because she happens to be autistic—she has not had a good experience with sex at all. Michael eases her through it. But then she realizes she actually needs to learn about relationships and interactions with people in general.

This story is mainstream erotic romance. It could also be considered a romance with erotic elements, if you want to label it. She uses lists; she sets boundaries. But Michael sets boundaries, too. Hoang puts us in the analytical mind of her heroine and allows us to understand her.

The way that Stella is depicted, we believe why Michael is captivated by her and falls in love with her. Her vulnerability is a universal thing. Helen Hoang goes to great lengths to show us that Stella lives in a world that is often misunderstood. For Stella to go through these lessons is actually a pretty smart way of teaching herself how to receive something good instead of it just being merely a function. Stella and Michael are beyond deserving of something good. Support Five Books. Five Books interviews are expensive to produce.

If you're enjoying this interview, please support us by donating a small amount. I really enjoyed that aspect of it a lot and I hope that readers will as well. Helen Hoang does such a great job with her writing. Which is a good thing.

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But Gina takes all of this very seriously. I have to do this. Stone realizes that he just needs to give in and have fun with it, let loose a little bit.

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The thing that I really loved about this story is that their happily ever after is rooted in hard-earned teamwork and totally for the right reasons. They both have their baggage, of course. The way they come together is so much fun because Alexis Daria has us following along in this dance competition: all of the prep, all the behind-the-scenes work. I chose it because this also seems to be a direction that a lot of publishers are going in when it comes to their romance acquisitions. I know a bit about what goes on behind the scenes because, as a librarian, buying is also a huge part of the job.

When books are marketed to you and you start to hear different buzzwords you want to put your finger on the pulse of that on behalf of your readers. Teri Wilson has written for Harlequin. She has also had a few of her books adapted into Hallmark movies. In this book Ginny is up for Miss American Treasure. Ginny brings along her school librarian twin sister, Charlotte, for luck. This is my last chance. What am I going to do? Lawrence: The Mystic must maintain the balance of all realms and save the world in an ultimate battle. However, the new Mystic has been born in the human realm.

Xander is a Guardian of the Mystic. Kindle Reach for the Sky Wolffe Peak Book 1 by Gwen Knight: When a dark presence seeks to claim Skylar as his own, seeking safety leads her straight into the arms of Wyatt Turner — a lethal alpha willing to do anything to protect her, including taking her as his mate. His nickname is Brick Wall for a good reason…. Run like a business, the city has a wall to keep others out and fake news to quell protests.

Kindle Beloved Ruins, Book 1 The Lost MacGreagor Books by Marti Talbott: Discovered in the ruins of a castle in the early s, an ancient book told the story of a troubled woman and the near-disaster she brought to the MacGreagor clan. An ancient MacGreagor edict held that the clan give sanctuary to any lass who believed herself in danger, when Grizel Allardice claimed her father meant to kill her, she too was granted safety.

But being back in Smithville means facing Alex, her first love. Alex is home from the Army, dealing with a life-threatening wound. A fun romantic comedy and a heartwarming read! Book 1 in the bestselling Christmas Town series.

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When he proposes a weekend together. But what starts out as fun turns into something bigger than either of us bargained for. Can a schoolgirl crush turn into a happily ever after? Find out what happens with the Rockstar and the Virgin. Presley James has her own skeletons in the closet that she keeps locked away from the world. What happens when two stubborn independent people meet?

Can they help each other heal and find love in the process?

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Kindle Kissing Frogs by Rich Amooi: In this fun-filled romantic comedy, Sara desperately searches for the perfect wedding date. She has an ironclad rule against dating neighbors — but how will she find the strength to resist Ian, the sexy art teacher next door? But nothing could have prepared her for the saga she was about to live. Weaver: Recently widowed Rae Cavanaugh just made it through the worst birthday of her life. I could tell by her innocent eyes. Still, the debt will be paid either way and she became my dirty girl. Then she whispered my name and invaded my world, changing its reasoning.

But she rolled my dice and won.

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Can he break down the walls protecting her heart, or will she do what she always does — run? Beautiful Harper gave Sean those eyes… those eyes that meant, yes, take me.

More than rough. He liked to dominate. To punish. To degrade. Narah faces a sadistic Magistrate for too many sanctions, forcing her to use unscrupulous outlets to heal a failing body and avoid the vampire and shifter who seek her.